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Committed to bringing

about a social change

Our Vision

All childeren will be saved from bullying forever..  See more >>

Our Founder

Ms. Belinda Ramsey,
President and Founder..  See more >>

M.O.B. - Mothers Opposing Bullying Foundation.


Every day thousands of kids wake up afraid to go to school. It is long over due that "Bullying" is finally under the spotlight. Until recently, bullying was a problem that was warded off as "kids being kids". It is a problem that affects millions of students, and its effects have a long lasting impact on many lives for a lifetime. No matter how successful a person that has been bullied becomes, the hidden and sometimes visible scars are ever-lasting.

Mothers Opposing Bullying Foundation is committed to bringing about a social change, while driving to put an end to the unnecessary painful taunting and loss of human lives.

1-800 National Bullying Hotline


M.O.B lauches INDIEGOGO Campaign to raise funds for 1-800 National Bullying Hotline to support children going through Bullying crisis. Please support our efforts by donating to the campaign and helping us reach our goal.

1-800 National Bullying Hotline
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