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Victims Faces

Raymond Howell Jr.


Staff Writers

Published: 03 April 2015 11:13 PM

Updated: 04 April 2015 06:54 PM

McKINNEY — After a day of numbing pain and loss, a day of “just trying to manage emotions,” relatives of Raymond Howell Jr. spoke out Friday about the 14-year-old’s death from a self-inflicted gunshot — and the bullying they say he suffered every day.

The boy they called Junior woke up early Thursday and wrote a note saying he was going for a walk and would be back soon. Minutes later, he killed himself with a gun he’d borrowed from a friend to protect his family from students at McKinney Boyd High School who harassed him, his family said.

“These kids showed up at the house two weeks ago and they jumped out and fought him, and they put the video” on the Internet, his uncle, Jason Carter, said. “It just went like wildfire.”

A few days later, he fought again, in school, against one of the older teens. That video was posted online as well.

John "JR" Reed

Three years of Bullying about his weight. Second student suicide for Kerns, TX ISD. Jojn Reed Bully Suicide age 14 shot himself 5/6/14.

We are heart broken after speaking with the family of John "JR" Reed regarding this unfortunate bullying related suicide on Monday, May 6, 2014. After speaking with John Reed's mother, the Mothers Opposing Bullying (MOB) Foundation arranged for an on camers interview last night with CBS/ 11 to share JR's Journey and struggle with bullying over the last 3 1/2 years. It appears that Kerens ISD like many other ISD's swept the bullying issues under the rug. Belinda Ramsey with MOB has encouraged the news station to go into the lives of the victim, victimizer and the school district who appears to have turned the other cheek. Watch live today as CBS unfolds the hidden truths.

Jared High

Jared developed depression from bullying at school as well as being assaulted by a bully in school.  the new term being used to describe this type of teen Suicide is, "Bullycide"  Born Sept. 23, 1985 - Died Sept. 29, 1998.

Kristina Calco

Kristina while approaching her 16th birthday with much excitement and being a honor student with all A's.  In December of 2005 took her life.

Austin Murphy

Austin was sweet, generous,kind and intelligent.  He wanted to be himself and  Unfortunately, the kids with low self esteem slowly grated away at his self esteem an on March 16,2007, Austing completed suicide.

Allem Halkic

Allem killed himself after being cyber bullied.  He received over 300 bullying text messages.

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