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Mothers Opposing Bullying (M.O.B)


Mothers Opposing Bullying (M.O.B) Foundation is a 501 C (3) nonprofit foundation committed to the eradication of bullying and the life altering and in some cases, life ending impact it has on thousands of children every day.

Mothers Opposing Bullying has formed the “No Bullying For Life” campaign that will fund the launching of this new national 1-800 BULLYING HOT-LINE number which will launch first in Dallas County by mid year 2015 and further reaching the entire United States territory by April 2016.

Named by D.I.S.D. as a noble partner in May 2013, M.O.B. is also dedicated to helping our schools prepare students for the 21st century workplace by creating a safe and accessible learning environment for all children.

M.O.B has established a platform to deliver transformable prevention and support programs, education and awareness, and the initiation and support of aggressive legislation directed to both prevention, recovery and intervention while accomplishing the goal to drive measurable and sustainable results.

“Bullying” not only effects the individual, but also the entire education system of the United States, leading to deficiency in skills, a growing skills gap, and our ability to compete in the global economy.

M.O.B. is committed to helping protect children who otherwise cannot defend themselves. While M.O.B.’S ultimate goal is to provide educational, psychological and preventive measures, along with a safe haven for the defenseless children due to the fact that 800,00 students are bullying school every-day and over 160,000 children are afraid to go to school daily and are truant due to the “Bullying” they receive another child or several children.

Mothers Opposing Bullying has hosted several events throughout Texas however MOB recently hosted its first M.O.B. WALK OUT BULLYING WALK-A-THON at the Anderson Bonner Park & Trails on April 26, 2014 which served as the kickoff to the first of seven events of the “No Bullying for Life Campaign” for the funding of the 1-800 BULLYING National HOT-LINE.

The MOB hot-line was actually purchased by Mothers Opposing Bullying (MOB) Foundation in 2011 and MOB will house it call center and share it's facilities with the existing Contact Crisis Center who has been serving Dallas County over the last 45 years. Mothers Opposing Bullying is bringing an intricate bullying preventive program to the Crisis Center that Dallas County has been lacking.


Dedicated to the eradication of bullying and the 7 series and launching of the 1-800 hot-line the Dallas County Commissioners Court recently presented a resolution on it's behalf.

Please donate today to help launch the 1-800 BULLYING HOT-LINE...together we can all make a difference!

No Bullying For Life
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